Ah la vache
photo: Léon Gniwesch
Past productions

Premiered in
September 2007



Holy Cow!

by Javier Swedzky



Madame Henriette Toutamoi arrives in a tizzy at Bob and Tom’s, two unemployed detectives. She declares that her stuffed teddy bear has been stolen. What a catastrophe – she cannot sleep without him! Bob and Tom see this as a perfect opportunity to try out their secret super weapon… Thanks to a subtle cow disguise, they are able to locate the stolen stuffed toy, but then the plot thickens. Who is the real owner of the toy, the haughty Henriette Toutamoi or the formidable Teddy Nounours? A tricky case for our intrepid detectives!

Holy Cow! is a show which draws on the colours and rhythms of the crazy world of comic-strips !


Script and Stage Direction
Javier Swedzky

English Translation
Script - Maureen LaBonté,
Lyrics - Jean Elliott Manning

Dramaturgy Consultant
André Laliberté

Puppet and Set Design
Marc-André Coulombe, Javier Swedzky


Libert Subirana

Gilles Perron

Translation Dramaturge
Eloi ArchamBaudoin