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ligne h240" I’m delighted to be able to continue to keep A New World as part of the company’s repertoire. I believe that it is an important play written by a writer who is nothing short of a magician with words, the incomparable Réjane Charpentier. "

André Laliberté, artistic director

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Véronique Grondines
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A New World

by Réjane Charpentier



A Grand Lady invites us into a game of creation… Magician, goddess, or both at once? From darkness and void, she makes a colourful world spring forth, inhabited by creatures that must learn to live together. The fragrant rose bush and the skunk that smells, a loner bear and a squirrel in the pangs of love, birds and fish arguing over the blueness of the sky and the sea...  Likeable creatures who are trying to have a place in the sun.

Intended for very young children, Un Autre Monde / A New World broaches the universal theme of tolerance.  A poetic fable which invites reflection and accepting differences…

Un Autre Monde / A New World is a finely-chiselled text, like the work of a silversmith. I looked for a balance between the words, the rhythm and puppetry medium. The show's content is inspired by childhood, however the stakes are human: the issue of creating and all the uncertainty and hesitation that this implies in the face of the void.

Réjane Charpentier

Un Autre Monde premiered at the festival Les Coups de Théâtre in Montreal in 1990.

Réjane Charpentier's script is published in French by Lanctôt Éditeur.


Réjane Charpentier

Maureen LaBonté

André Laliberté

Puppet and set design
Richard Lacroix


Silvy Grenier

Gilles Perron

Kristin Molnãr

Assistant director
Muriel Desgroseilliers


Photos : Léon Gniwesh

Elle   Moufette   Rose

The Lady
The Grand Lady of creation. She wants to create a new world.

The Skunk

She wants the right to smell, a little, sometimes.

The Rosebush
He wants us to water his roses, if we have a moment.

Nuage   GrandeOurs   Chouette

The Cloud

Il veut se soulager, il existe pour arroser!

The Big Bear
She wants to be solitary-and-alone during daytime.


The Owl
She wants to fly solitary-and-alone during nighttime.


The Squirrel
He wants something to love.



It is visibly evident that the efforts of the two puppeteers appeal to the young spectators who are amused by the nervous attitude of the squirrel and the leaps of the dragon in motion... The set designed by Richard Lacroix (also the designer of the puppets) is most ingenious: from a black cube springs forth a pretty coloured mountain into which the Creator will dig out paths and a grotto. Everything in this show is simple and clear, right through to the script by Réjane Charpentier, who has dreamed up irresistible characters with personality traits that make the young children laugh. This playful fable about creation concludes with the beginnings of a fine reflection on the différence and the importance of tolerance. After all, as the skunk expresses so perfectly to the rose bush, no one is perfect: “everyone pricks a little and smells a little bit” "

Catherine Hébert, Voir, Montréal, January 25 to 31, 2001 (Translation: Graham Soul)

" A production by Théâtre de l’OEil, revived ten years after its premiere, Un Autre Monde by Réjane Charpentier offers to children 5 to 8 years-old a work which is at their level.

Nothing complicated but wonderfully designed by Richard Lacroix who, with bits of coloured fabric, creates a landscape inhabited by very likeable little creatures. "

Dominique Lachance, Le Journal de Montréal, January 2001

" (...) Théâtre de l’OEil, gave two performances of the English translation of its 1990 production Un Autre Monde / A New World, which was performed at the first Coups de Théâtre. (The festival did not take place every year.) Estelle Richard and Nicolas Germain-Marchand handled the English script and the multiple puppets well, and the message about learning to tolerate differences is important (...) "

Kathryn Greenaway, The Gazette, Friday, November 21, 2008





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