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ligne h240" We were looking for a fresh perspective to work on our next production. Once again, we enlisted the contribution of a new generation of artists to the development of our dramaturgy. "

André Laliberté, artistic director

ligne h240

Véronique Grondines
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A Heart in Winter

by Étienne Lepage



A Heart in Winter tells the story of a little girl called Gerda as she searches for her lost friend. Her journey is fraught with adventures and pitfalls that challenge her determination. When she finally finds her friend Kay in the Snow Queen’s palace, his heart is cold, placated by the icy spell that has frozen his joys as well as his sorrows. Will Gerda manage to melt his frozen heart?

A Heart in Winter questions how we react to life’s hardships. It is a touching and vibrant show with many complex and surprising twists, just like life itself.


Étienne Lepage

Stage Direction
Catherine Vidal

Puppet and Set Design
Richard Lacroix

Sound Design
Francis Rossignol


Alexandre Pilon-Guay

Artistic Consultant
André Laliberté

Nicolas Germain-Marchand
Pierre-Louis Renaud 
Estelle Richard 
Karine Sauvé

Maureen Labonté


Illustrations : Richard Lacroix

Grand mere150   Gerda150   Kay150


She is the only one that has already met the Snow Queen…



Brave and determined, she is Kay’s best friend.



Cheerful at first, then suddenly unhappy – he is Gerda’s best friend.

Magicienne150   Reine150   Roi150

The Sorceress

A somewhat strange old lady…


The Queen

She is domineering, yet generous.


The Little King

He lives in the queen’s castle to keep her company.







The Robber's Daughter

She demands love at knife point.


The Reindeer

He knows the way to Kalaallit because he was born there.


The Old Inuit Woman

A wise elder who points the way forward without making the journey any easier.


"The quality of Théâtre de l'Œil's work is remarkable!"

"One noteworthy thing about the play is that it delves into the cruelty of Andersen's fairy tale. It dares to show that, just like in real life, stories don't always have happy endings."

Katharine Carol, La Source, june 13, 2017

“This sad story (that is not actually sad) is told in a brilliant fashion by actor-puppeteers who live and breathe Lepage’s story.”

“Everything hinges on Catherine Vidal’s remarkable stage direction. The young audience reacts instantly every time a character’s line, an element of the set or a simple gesture invites a response. During the whole performance, we are left with the impression that every one of the show’s elements are converging, coming together to highlight Lepage’s story.”

Michel Bélair, Le Devoir, November 23, 2015


“This puppet theatre adaptation of Andersen’s Snow Queen is splendid, thanks to the combination of Théâtre de l’Œil’s experience and young stage director Catherine Vidal’s ingenuity. Étienne Lepage’s playful and modern take on the tale completes this winning trio. The resulting show is insightful, sometimes dark, yet always entertaining. This is high-quality youth theatre.”

Josée Lapointe, La Presse, November 14, 2015


“Lepage’s story is grounded in a strong narrative voice that engages the young audience by speaking directly to them and delivering several amusing nods. And it works wonderfully...”

Daphné Bathalon, MON(theatre), November 10, 2015


“Fun, inventive and very effective. A Heart in Winter even manages to harness the grandiose thanks to the fertile symbiosis between scenography, costumes and props.”

Sophie Pouliot, Revue JEU, November 10, 2015


“The show as a whole is a success with its many surprises and contagious energy that made everyone laugh, captivating the large audience made up of both schoolchildren and adults. It must be said that A Heart in Winter is driven by an admirable team...”

Brigitte Manolo, artfactstories, November 7, 2015




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