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ligne h240" A show without words brings to life poetry with more imagery: what we cannot say must be made comprehensible by the images. As such, we are closer to puppetry. "

André Laliberté, artistic director

ligne h240

Véronique Grondines
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3-Legged Tale

by Simon Boudreault & Richard Lacroix



At the heart of the forest, a dump. A cemetery of inanimate objects teeming with life... A squirrel digs in the garbage and finds a camera on a tripod. It just takes a butterfly touching down inside the camera body for it to spring suddenly to life. A three-legged cyclops that is both a microscope and a telescope, Camera discovers with its new eye an environment in movement.

At the heart of the forest, we come across all kinds of creatures: a pilfering squirrel, an old ailing bear, Philomène, a Grandmother of Nature full of wisdom and possibilities, butterflies, a young Doe with gentle eyes, an ant who travels by balloon, and baby birds…

In this forest, we are witness to the eternal cycle of the seasons. We see the moon rising and leaves falling.

Sur 3 pattes / 3-Legged Tale is a story without words, a poetic reflection on the cycle of life, of time that passes and that changes us, on life which is in constant rebirth, like grass that grows again after a field fire or flowers that appear after the snow.

Sur 3 pattes/3-Legged Tale premiered at the international festival Les Coups de Théâtre in Montréal in November 2010.


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Simon Boudreault, Richard Lacroix

Simon Boudreault

Puppets, Set, Props
Richard Lacroix


Michel F. Côté

Gilles Perron

Artistic Consultant
André Laliberté

Original Cast
Jean Cummings, Stéphane Heine,         Myriame Larose, Graham Soul


Photos: Théâtre de l'Oeil

camera   Stamoe   Philomene

The main character, an intruder in the forest. Through its lens, we see the teeming life of the woods.


A curious and possessive squirrel.


An ancient inhabitant of the forest, she lives in harmony with nature.

papabuck   Bichette   Ours

An impetuous but friendly moose.


The young and playful daughter of Papa-Buck.


Vieil ours
A bear at the end of its life. During its last few breaths, a moth emerges from its ear.







At night, the forest becomes Caliban, a frightening creature of the shadows.




" The action takes place over four seasons, both night and day, allowing for stunning and delightful set changes. We are in a magical puppet theatre, which fills the stage and where the manipulators are completely hidden. All of the focus is on the objects and the puppets, some of which are enormous, that appear in the magnificent set (it must be emphasized – it is truly magnificent) by Richard Lacroix. He co-wrote the story with Simon Boudreault, who is responsible for the stage direction. "

Josiane Desloges, LE SOLEIL, December 7, 2011 (English Translation by Graham Soul)

" Sur 3 pattes is a visually-engaging experience with plenty of humour to capture the attention of the very young. The manipulation of the video-camera puppet was particularly strong, injecting real personality into the rusted, inanimate object. "

Kathryn Greenaway, THE GAZETTE, May 27, 2011

" The simple idea of giving life to this camera — like all of the other “garbage” that will be recycled one way or another over the years — is brilliant, all the more so as it makes it possible to play with perspective and changes of size, from very large to very small, during the three seasons in which we see the camera evolve. "

Michel Bélair, LE DEVOIR, May 20, 2011 (English Translation by Graham Soul)

" With Théâtre de l’Œil, we have become accustomed over the years to veritable journeys into the imagination, and Sur Trois pattes (3-Legged Tale) by Simon Boudreault, which was presented Wednesday and Thursday at the Coups de theatre, is certainly no exception to the rule. "

Michel Bélair, LE DEVOIR, November 20, 2010 (English Translation by Graham Soul)

" Well received by the school groups invited to the premiere (…), the techniques used are extremly effective when the camera becomes closely interested by life in mutation, the result of which is projected on a large screen at the back of the stage. "

Jean Siag, LA PRESSE, November 20, 2010 (English Translation by Graham Soul)



Press Kit (PDF)


Study Guide (PDF)


3-Legged Tale - The Origins:
Interview with André Laliberté, Simon Boudreault and Richard Lacroix.




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