Simon Boudreault
photo: Marili Levac


A theatre company is a formidable vehicle that can present in a range of forms – from hot air balloon to tandem, from submarine to rocket ship, or even wheelbarrow.

This vehicle takes us on a journey to a world, a universe, and immerses us in a story.

From its very beginnings, Théâtre de l’Œil has been a beautiful, inclusive, and conscientious vehicle, and an open window to a world of imagination.

Proudly carrying the artistic direction torch passed on by André Laliberté is both an honour and a challenge.

While I aim to pursue his conscientious and passionate work, I also want Théâtre de l’Œil, a veritable children’s puppetry arts institution in Québec, to welcome aboard confirmed playwrights that have honed their pen and signature style.

I want to build a bridge between Québec’s bubbling and vibrant contemporary dramaturgy scene and the province’s youth puppet theatre.

May creators and spectators come aboard, may the wind fill our sails and our lines stretch out and take us to a place where everything is possible. "

Simon Boudreault
, Artistic Director