André Laliberté
photo: Léon Gniwesch


" I guess you could say that I’m at an age that is referred to as respectable. But I must confess: I still play with dolls!

At least that’s the impression I sometimes get when I find myself yearning to tell a story with the help of my puppet friends. It reminds me of how, when I was a kid, I used to imagine epic stories of memorable battles, bold ambushes and picaresque adventures with my little toy soldiers, cowboys and Indians (such vintage toys give away my age!).

The wonderful thing with puppets is that the game is forever changing because puppet theatre offers such an infinite range of possibilities.

Which is why I have remained such an eternal kid simply having fun trying to bring bits of wood and rags to life, hoping to make you laugh... or maybe even to move you. "

André Laliberté

André Laliberté
, Artistic Director and General Manager